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Therapy Pet Pals of Texas, Inc.
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Volunteer Center hours & days: 9:30 am to 3:30 pm on Monday,
Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday (closed Tuesdays & weekends)

Therapy Pet Pals of Texas, Inc. currently serves the Austin/Central Texas area with a chapter in The Woodlands/Houston area.

Therapy Pet Pals Logo

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Physical Therapy

Many patients will "exercise" their afflicted limbs by throwing a ball for a dog to retrieve. They willingly brush or pet a dog or cat with an arm that has been rendered almost useless by a stroke or injury, when they may be reluctant to move that same arm for a "human" therapist. Patients in need of walking are often more willing to do so if a dog walks with them.

Sissy and Balloon

Mental Therapy

Withdrawn and non-communicative patients will often show interest in a cuddly feline or fluffy dog that they can hold, and love.  There have been numerous occasions when people, who have not responded to anyone or anything since being institutionalized, have spoken, touched, and smiled at our Pet Pals.  Why?  Because pets give their total, unconditional love—pets are not judgmental. Pets do not care if the residents/patients are old, deformed, or unattractive; pets love them regardless of their station in life. A child in a coma smiled when his hand was placed on a furry coat, the dog licked his hand while hospital staff and family members cried with joy.

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Validation Therapy

Pet Pals work as "ice-breakers" to break down communication barriers for TPPT volunteers to initiate conversations. The resident/patient will often talk about the pets they have known and loved. Because TPPT volunteers are assigned a regular place of visitation, Pet Pal Teams see the same people each week. This allows for a "bonding" effect, and after a few months, our volunteers and their pets become like family—sometimes being the residents’/patients’ only visitors.

All of TPPT’s pet visitation programs are tailored specifically for each institution’s requirements. Some programs are designed for one-on-one bonding, some are for group therapy encounters, and others are adapted to fit the emotional and physical limitations of a particular institution’s patients/residents. 

If you are interested in participating in this unique program, please read our Requirements and How To Volunteer pages.


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