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Therapy Pet Pals of Texas, Inc.
3930 Bee Cave Road, Suite C
Austin, TX  78746

(512) 347-1984


Volunteer Center hours & days: 9:30 am to 3:30 pm on Monday,
Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday (closed Tuesdays & weekends)

Therapy Pet Pals of Texas, Inc. currently serves the Austin/Central Texas area with a chapter in The Woodlands/Houston area.

Therapy Pet Pals Logo

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       History of Therapy Pet Pals of Texas, Inc.

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TPPT began in March of 1984 with one woman's desire to make a real difference. Inspired after reading of an experimental pet therapy program, she phoned a local nursing home seeking permission to bring her small Pekingese dog for a visit.

Although hesitant, the nursing home administrator agreed to an "interview" visit. The staff watched with delight as residents smiled and reached out for the little bundle of life that lovingly greeted everyone. At that moment, Therapy Pet Pals of Texas, Inc. was born.

TPPT is a private non-profit, charitable 501(c)(3) corporation. TPPT was founded in March 1984, and incorporated January 1990.  TPPT was founded solely for the purpose of enhancing the quality of life for all institutionalized people. TPPT's pet therapy program gives happiness and companionship to those "most often forgotten" in today's society: the elderly, the mentally and physically challenged, and the terminally ill.

TPPT’s animal assisted therapy visitations make a difference in the lives of people who are confined to institutionalized living. TPPT is not a dog/animal club. Pets play a vital role in our volunteer work, but we do not promote any breed, dog club or activity. We visit Healthcare Facilities/Institutions to share love heart-to-heart and one-on-one. Through regular visits, TPPT's pets BOND with the patients/residents who desperately need the unconditional love offered by our gentle, loving pet volunteers.

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In 1984, pet therapy was virtually unheard of by the general public. There were no rules, regulations or guidelines to follow. With dedication and perseverance, TPPT worked to establish safe, effective, and sanitary guidelines for proper conduct and procedures in animal visitation programs for an institutional environment. In 1989, TPPT was recognized (through TV and newspaper stories) for its successful work in pet therapy. The ensuing publicity generated such interest that our membership "exploded," as well as the number of healthcare facilities requesting Pet Pal volunteers to start pet therapy programs!

From TPPT's humble beginning in 1984, we have grown to approximately 200 trained volunteers and even more pets. We are currently serving approximately 90 different healthcare facilities/institutions, which include: nursing homes, medical hospitals, rehabilitation centers, MHMR State facilities and many other "special need" environments. No fee or service charge has ever been required for our Pet Pal programs; our services are free to all healthcare facilities/institutions in need of pet therapy.

In 2015, TPPT volunteers logged 12,218 hours in service to their communities, traveled approximately 92,384 miles (at their own expense), and they were responsible for 127,832 smiles from the residents/patients they visited! We continually strive to increase our membership so we may reach more elderly and ill residents in our community.

TPPT is unique in its "high standard of quality" due to rigid health standards, detailed safety procedures, and intense training for all volunteers — both pets and people. Because of the dedication to perfection (in volunteer screening and training) we have never had an incident/accident of any kind in TPPT's 32 years of pet therapy.

If you would like to see "first hand" what a tremendous difference TPPT volunteers make in the lives of the institutionalized, we invite you to join us on a Pet Pal visit where you would witness the "hope and joy" that Pet Pals give to thousands of residents/patients each year. Read our Requirements for pet and owner, then call (512) 347-1984 for the Austin/Central Texas area or for The Woodlands/Houston chapter to schedule your visit with a volunteer and their pet, and share our unique volunteer service!  

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